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Our office concepts do more than just look great. They also contribute to the well-being, productivity and happiness of your people. OAK hybrid office spaces are places where you want to work. With a tight labour market, they increase your attractiveness to talent. An OAK office concept helps people feel happy at work and benefits their health. We call them Vital offices. Offices you go to with a spring in your step and leave with that same spring in your step. We believe employees who feel good find it easier to get the best out of themselves. Curious about our work? Scroll through for inspiration or contact us!

We believe that employees who feel good feel, are more easily able to get the best out of themselves.


The New Way of Working and Hybrid Working are terms that have been gaining popularity lately. At Studio OAK, we understand that the role of a physical office plays a crucial role in these modern work styles.

The New Way of Working represents flexibility and freedom, allowing employees to determine where and when they work. Hybrid Working combines the best of both worlds, balancing remote work and collaboration in the office.

We firmly believe that the physical office still plays an important role in a hybrid work environment. It provides opportunities for creative interaction, face-to-face collaboration, and team building.

Our team of interior architects specializes in designing flexible, functional, and inspiring office spaces that meet the needs of your organization. We believe that a well-designed office interior promotes productivity, engagement, and employee satisfaction.



We firmly believe that a well-designed office interior has an undeniable positive impact on the happiness and well-being of employees. Our unique approach, called OAK Vital Offices, is the key to realizing this vision. It encompasses a beautiful blend of elements that are central to all our designs. From unique spatial layouts that stimulate creativity to high-quality materials that create a sustainable and healthy environment. With OAK Vital Offices, we create a harmony between aesthetics and functionality. Our goal is to design an inspiring and contemporary work environment that promotes the well-being and productivity of your employees.

Acoustics & (Day)light

We provide smart acoustic solutions that minimize noise disturbance. This results in a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere where your employees can work optimally.

Additionally, we understand that (day)light plays a crucial role in our well-being. Therefore, we offer the right lighting, both in terms of color and intensity. With our expertise, we create a work environment that stimulates, energizes, and contributes to the well-being of your employees.

Nutrition & Movement

Our OAK Vital Offices system not only encompasses beautifully designed offices but also communal dining and relaxation areas. Here, employees can enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal while meeting colleagues.

We also recognize the importance of movement in our daily lives. That’s why we have strategically placed walking routes, potential fitness areas, and options for standing work integrated into our designs. By promoting a healthy lifestyle, we contribute to the vitality and increased productivity of your employees.

Natural Elements & Relaxation

Our designs are inspired by the beauty of plants, organic shapes, and natural materials. We aim to create a connection with nature because we believe it promotes a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

We understand the importance of relaxation and recharging. Therefore, we provide special zones in our designs where employees can take a break from the busyness of work. Here, they can unwind and replenish their energy.

Sustainability & Connectivity

We are passionate about creating sustainable and circular designs that not only contribute to a healthy work environment but also to a livable world. Our designs use high-quality sustainable materials and are flexible and adaptable, making them perfectly suited to our clients’ needs.

We strongly believe in connectivity. We not only emphasize creating connections between spaces but also connecting people – both within the company and with the community. We are constantly looking for ways to be socially engaged with our community and strive to collaborate and create synergy.


We go beyond just designing your dream office. From the very first inspirational journey and creative brainstorming sessions to the celebratory opening, we take you on an inspiring journey and guide you every step of the way. With attention to detail and innovative ideas, we ensure the complete creation and realization of your unique office interior. Let us help you transform your office into an inspiring and stylish space where your vision comes to life!

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