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Passion for Craftsmanship and Local Products

For us, the origin and story behind a product are of great importance. Let us give you an example of how we integrate local craftsmanship into our projects.

A beautiful example of this is the glass lamps specially crafted for the Italian restaurant Strada. These lamps are artisanally mouth-blown by skilled craftsmen from the glass museum in Leerdam. The result is stunning and breathtaking, enhancing the ambiance of the restaurant.

Also, the handmade tiles you’ll find in the Univé stores tell a unique story. These tiles are hand-painted by artisans from the Harlinger pottery factory in Harlingen. They not only bring character and authenticity to the project but also narrate the origin story of Univé insurance.

Kantoor inrichting ontwerp

Besides the fact that artisanal products give our projects character and authenticity, we also find it important to support and nurture local craftsmanship. By opting for local crafts, we contribute to a more sustainable world. Moreover, this seamlessly aligns with our vision to realize One-of-A-Kind projects. At Studio OAK, we believe that using materials and products from the local environment has a positive effect on both the environment and the community. By supporting local artisans, we give them livelihoods and take a step towards a sustainable future.

We strive to create unique and unforgettable projects that not only are visually appealing but also tell a story. With our love for craftsmanship and local products, we turn your interior project into a true experience.