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We are oak

"Making your space your brand"

We are OAK and we create interior concepts that tell a story. Your story, to be precise.

For something run-of-the-mill, a cheap imitation or what’s in this year’s trend, don’t come to us. We design an interior that is a three-dimensional translation of your brand. That showcases your character. In which you recognise not our style, but your own.

Playing safe isn’t for us. We’d rather play with wild ideas, make quirky choices and throw in exciting elements.

It’s how we create spaces for offices, the hospitality sector, concept stores, museums and retail the like of which you’ve not seen before. Spaces where you keep discovering new things and of which you never grow tired. An interior that’s as unique as your brand. One of a kind.

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Studio OAK delivers a well-balanced total concept of colors, shapes, and materials, down to the last square centimeter. Where every chair falls into place and you can hang your story on every hook. And it doesn’t have to be perfect. Rough edges and weathered materials give an interior its uniqueness and character. We combine tiles from Harlingen with designs from Milan. Always looking for products imbued with passion. And a story. Handcrafted or mouth-blown.

What we do



We believe that every successful design begins with a unique and distinctive concept. We are interested in you and your company. What makes your company so unique? What values and vision drive you? What is your ultimate dream? To translate your story and DNA into a striking and One-of-A-Kind concept, which forms the basis for the entire design process, we are here for you. Together, we create a visual identity that makes your company stand out in the market.



After creating a unique concept, we start with the interior design. Here, we translate the concept and specifications into a distinctive and functional interior where everything comes together perfectly. Our team carefully selects all materials and colors to create a beautiful environment. Moreover, we present all our designs in photorealistic 3D images and VR presentations. No more surprises, as everything is technically worked out in detail. This way, all executing parties know exactly what they need to create. Be surprised by our expertise and prevent any uncertainties.



With us, you are assured of seamless guidance throughout the entire process. Our experienced project managers are ready for you from the very beginning and are closely involved in the design process. This way, we can guarantee that all designs meet the pre-discussed financial and technical limits. With our total solution, we completely relieve you, from A to Z, and ensure that the entire project runs smoothly and organized. Trust in our expertise and enjoy a worry-free experience.



Looking for a team that not only designs but also brings your dream project to life? Then you have come to the right place with us! Together with our reliable partners, we are able to realize everything – from custom-made furniture to industrial kitchens, from beautiful floor finishes to the complete furnishing of your hotel. What truly sets us apart are our unique One of a Kind designs and our in-depth knowledge and vision of sustainable and circular construction.


Our spatial concepts are brand- and planet-proof; circular, organic, and reused are our standards. We make conscious choices in everything. Down to the adhesive between two components. And what makes our interiors most sustainable is their long-lasting durability.

Typical OAK? We either do it well or we don’t do it at all. We demand a lot from ourselves and also something from you; trust, an open mind, and the courage to show your true colors.