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Retail interior


We are your partner in creating, designing, and realizing unique retail interiors, regardless of the industry or space. Whether it’s a school, library, museum, bakery, gym, or even a cruise ship, with us, you are assured of an interior concept that tells your story.

As spatial brand translators, we don’t shy away from any challenge. Your desires and requirements are translated by us into an exclusive retail interior concept that fully brings your identity to life while also meeting the needs of your target audience and users. We are passionate about transforming your space into a one-of-a-kind concept that will captivate the hearts of your audience.

Does your space need a unique translation that maximizes your identity and serves your target audience optimally? Then contact us now and challenge us. Together, we will push the boundaries of interior architecture and bring your vision to life.


We believe that spaces are not confined to just one place or function. Every space has its unique user and owner. Our team of spatial brand translators is ready to transform your space into a story that reflects your unique identity.

We understand the importance of a space where your target audience enjoys coming and feels comfortable. Therefore, we will always conduct extensive research into your personality, location, target audience, and societal trends and developments. With all this valuable information, we create a unique concept that brings your brand to life spatially.

Our passion for design, functionality, and aesthetics will ensure that your space stands out from the rest. The result will impress not only you but also your target audience.


"We make conscious choices in everything."

With years of experience under our belt, we have extensive knowledge and expertise in integrating sustainability principles into all our projects.

The importance of sustainability and circularity in interior design cannot be overstated. We realize that a retail interior should not only be beautiful but also considerate of the environment and future generations. That’s why we go beyond standard furniture made from recycled PET bottles.

Together with our extensive network of partners, we are constantly searching for new innovative applications that yield the most sustainable results. From reusing materials to implementing energy-efficient solutions, at Oak, we strive for a circular approach that is both environmentally responsible and aesthetically pleasing.



We are curious.

And that means…

We are interested in you and not trying to be interesting about ourselves. We discover your unique story. We are always exploring new opportunities, materials, and applications. What does our curiosity yield? An innovative interior that brings your brand to life spatially.


We are quirky.

And that means…

we dare to make a statement in our designs. we are a critical contractor, with our own vision. we fight for the ‘most exciting’ ideas, because they make the difference. What does our quirkiness yield? A surprising and outspoken interior that you can’t stop admiring.


We are driven.

And that means…

We run hard for you. We keep going. Until you think it’s perfect. We do it right. Or not at all. What does our drive yield? Optimal results and a spatial concept that is perfect down to the smallest details.


We are down-to-earth.

And that means…

we do what we say. you know what to expect from us. we don’t beat around the bush. What does our down-to-earth attitude yield? A no-nonsense process where all time and energy contribute to the result.


We go beyond just designing your dream space. From the very first inspirational journey and creative brainstorming sessions to the festive opening, we take you on an inspiring journey and guide you every step of the way. With attention to detail and innovative ideas, we ensure the complete creation and realization of your unique retail interior. Let us help you turn your space into an inspiring and stylish place where your vision comes to life!

"From dream to reality"

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